Guidelines for Our Vendors and Others

  • The South Milwaukee Downtown Market is committed to working in partnership with our vendors to ensure a successful event… and the following rules will ensure a better market for everyone. If you have any questions about these regulations, please contact Tony Bloom at (414) 499-1568 or by email.
  • All vendors are subject to the approval of the South Milwaukee Downtown market committee.
  • The market is held rain or shine. There are no vendor fee refunds.
  • All vendors must make, bake, or grow the products that they sell. All produce vendors must have their own farms, garden plots or other growing areas. Please list where you farm because we may ask to inspect said farming area. A limited amount of reselling may be allowed out of season as long as you inform the market officials and let your customers know if asked where something comes from.
  • If cannot attend a particular market, you must inform South Milwaukee Downtown personnel by 10 a.m. on the day of the market. Either by calling Tony directly at (414) 499-1568 or by email Failure to do so more than 3 times will result in dismissal from the market and forfeiture of all fees.


On-Site Regulations

  • Vendors can begin setting up at 12:00 p.m. each Thursday.
  • Vendors must have their vehicles removed from the market areas by 2:30 p.m. There will be no exceptions to this rule anybody coming to the market after 2:30 p.m. will have to carry all items to their booth area.
  • Vendors must be setup and be ready to sell their goods by 3 p.m. And must sell until 7 p.m. There will be no early tear down permitted.
  • Vendors should use an EZ-Up-style tent and they must be secured by at least 25 pound weights per leg at ground level/base area. All vendors have to provide your own popup tents, tables, chairs & extension cords.
  • All tents need to have at least 25 lbs. of weights per tent leg.
  • No generators are permitted to be used at the market period.
  • A limited number of stalls include vendor parking directly behind them. No other vehicles will be allowed on the selling grounds. Additional vendor parking will be provided nearby. Contact a market representative for more information.
  • There will be no dumping of liquids of any kind on market grounds both publicly owned and privately owned properties. This is the only warning you get you as a vendor are subject for dismissal if this happens.
  • There will be no food trucks beginning this 2018 summer season going forward. We will allow vendors who are food trucks to set up like all other vendors with a tent and equipment.
  • We have reconfigured all indoor markets to no more than 1 space per person/vendor we can not guarantee spaces next to another vendor due to the volume of interest in our market.
  • The market manager assigns all spaces you can request a certain size space but there is no guarantee to be assigned a certain size space.
  • All vendors participating in our indoor markets have to stay setup until end of each show. If you break down and take your fixtures and other items out before said time you will not be able to participate in future markets.


Health Department Regulations

  • Food and produce vendors must follow South Milwaukee Health Department regulations, and obtain any necessary permits and pay any applicable fees. For more information on vendor licensing, contact South Milwaukee Health Department at 414-768-8055.
  • The South Milwaukee Downtown Market strongly encourages that all produce is personally grown by the vendor(s) selling it. We will begin inspections of growing areas/farms later this summer so we need addresses for these locations.
  • No selling of live animals period. 


Non-Profit Vendors

  • The market has free stalls available to non-profit groups like churches, schools, and area charitable organizations. Fill out the regular application and send in with no money. They must be approved by the committee. 
  • All non-profit vendors should sell a locally made food or other item.
  • Non-profits will get up to 3 days free during the summer market and will be put in whatever available space that is available on any given day.
  • Must follow all market rules and regulations on set up and show hours.
  • All non-profits using the full 3 days are not guaranteed to be in the same spot each time for this discount.
  • For more information non-profit stalls, contact Tony Bloom at 414-499-1568 or by email.


Hold Harmless Agreement Indemnification and Release 

  • (Hereafter referred to as “seller”) is being provided selling space at the South Milwaukee Downtown Market, agrees to the following terms and conditions.
  • The South Milwaukee Downtown Market is operated by its officers, employees and volunteers.
  • Seller shall mean any farmer, vendor, participant, or entity at the seller’s employees, agents, or volunteers, including family members: and their heirs and assigns.



  • The seller shall indemnify and hold harmless the South Milwaukee Downtown Market and its officers, staff, the owner of the lot, The City of South Milwaukee, Caterpillar, officers, employees and volunteers from and against any and all loss, damages, liability, claims, suits, costs and expenses whatsoever, including reasonable attorney’s fees, regardless of the merit or outcome of any matter connected to any act or omission in going to, coming from, or performing services, work or activities at or in relation to the South Milwaukee Downtown Market.



  • Seller hereby waives, releases, and discharges any and all claims for damages for personal injury, death, or property damages which may have or which may hereafter accrue as a result of its activities at the South Milwaukee Downtown Market.


Market Safety Requirements

  • Seller hereby assumes liability and financial responsibility for any accident, injury, or property damage resulting from failure to comply with the South Milwaukee Downtown Farmer’s market rules, especially health and safety regulations.


Conduct of Vendors

  • All vendors must act in a professional and responsible manner to both customers and fellow vendors and all representatives of the market. Remember you are the faces of the market. 
  • Vendors cannot leave the confines of their booth to hawk or promote their products.  In addition, signage or other displays are not allowed in the aisles due to safety requirements.
  • All vendors should dress appropriately to conduct business in a professional manner.


Weather Closures

  • Once market is open we only close if there is lightning or tornado warnings. Extreme heat advisory per news over 100 degrees we will call vendors by 9 am day of market.


NSF Checks

  •  If a check is returned NSF by our bank said vendor needs to pay the amount back plus a bounce fee of 25 dollars. If this is not taken care of before the next event they will not be able to attend. Also after 2 times in a given calendar year they need to use a money order or cashiers check or cash going forward.


Only items listed on applications may be sold. Items not listed will have to be removed or approved by Tony the market manager.

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